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How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

After a major motor vehicle accident, there are countless expenses that quickly stack up, placing a heavy burden on your family’s finances. You may be missing work due to your injuries, paying a large number of copays for doctor’s visits, or purchasing expensive medical equipment. You may be worrying about how you’ll cover these… Read More »

Two kids in car seats.jpg.crdownload

Children Not Properly Restrained are at Much Higher Risk for Fatal Injury, Study Finds

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

Parents and guardians have a challenging task in keeping their child passengers safe while on the road. Installing car seats can be confusing and challenging, as can convincing a headstrong child to willingly get into a car seat or booster seat. Regardless, the battle of wills that can ensue when taking a child on… Read More »

Black warning

Invokana Receives Black Box Warning for Amputation Risk

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

Invokana, a diabetes medication that has become the subject of hundreds of lawsuits, now must carry a so-called “black box warning,” according to a recent decision by the Food and Drug Administration. Invokana already carries multiple warnings regarding the potential dangerous effects of the drug. The drug was first approved in 2013, and was… Read More »

A man talking on phone while driving

Phone Distractions while Driving an Even Bigger Problem than Previously Understood

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

Driving along hectic and jam-packed Southern California freeways is perilous enough, even while dedicating your full attention to the task. Despite the inherent risks of driving on such busy roads, many drivers in Los Angeles can’t resist the siren call of their phones while behind the wheel. Many drivers deny that they have a… Read More »

The window of the plane explodes

Windshield and Landing Gear Failures Cause Emergency Landing in Fresno County

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

A plane carrying a family of four experienced a forced landing near Firebaugh Airport in Firebaugh, California. The plane suffered numerous mechanical failings during the brief time it was in the air, including a windshield malfunction and failure of the landing gear to deploy. The aircraft was an Evolution Air Lancair Evolution, carrying four… Read More »

A fatal plane crash

Fatal Plane Crash Outside of Los Angeles

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

A recent crash of a vintage aircraft took the life of the craft’s pilot while he was on his way to a gathering for Soviet aircraft enthusiasts. The reasons for the crash remain under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board. The aircraft that crashed was a Nanchang CJ6A. The pilot was flying in… Read More »

Girl texting while driving

Drivers Don’t Practice what They Preach when It Comes to Safe Driving

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

Most of us know what safe driving behavior looks like, but that doesn’t mean we’re always committed to driving safely ourselves. According to a recent study, most drivers know that distracted driving is unsafe, and agree with laws banning it. That said, these same drivers admit that they engage in these behaviors more often… Read More »

Safety first sign.jpg.crdownload

Los Angeles’ First Year of “Vision Zero” Program Fails to Reduce Traffic Deaths

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

Vision Zero is an international initiative originating from Sweden which seeks to create a world where no human lives are lost on highways and roads. Many cities around the world have adopted their own initiatives under the Vision Zero program, including Los Angeles. According to statistics released last week, however, the Vision Zero program… Read More »

Plane on fire while in air

Pilot Abandons Plane after Borrego Springs Crash

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

In a strange incident that remains under investigation by FAA investigators and local law enforcement, a plane that crashed in the Anza-Borrego Desert was left abandoned by the pilot and passenger. Crash in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park The incident occurred on Saturday, March 18, 2017. The aircraft involved was a single engine Cubcrafters CC11-160,… Read More »

Lady drinking wine while driving

Greater Restrictions on Drinking Can Reduce Teen Driving Deaths, Study Finds

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

If you have teen drivers in the home, you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers. Sometimes, the risks teens face on the road are a result of their own choices. To prevent serious or fatal injury both to teen drivers and others on the road, lawmakers and researchers… Read More »

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