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Lane-Departure Warning System

Lane-Departure Warning Systems Useful in Preventing Automobile Accidents, Studies Find

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

We’ve all found ourselves drifting out of our lane of traffic at one time or another. It’s easy to do—perhaps becoming briefly lost in thought or distracted by something in our vehicle, we momentarily veer to one side. That said, these brief lapses in attention can have serious consequences. Lane-departure warning systems offer a… Read More »

White truck

Mass Commercial Vehicle Inspection Reveals Serious Safety Issues with Nearly 20% of Vehicles

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

Whether they’re hauling hazardous materials, cargo, or passengers, large commercial vehicles are able to cause massive amounts of damage in a crash. Government regulations on commercial vehicles were put in place to protect both the drivers and passengers in those large vehicles as well as others with whom they share the road. Sometimes, these… Read More »

Defective product

Multi-District Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuits Move Forward

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

Across the country, dozens of individuals who have undergone hernia surgery that involved use of Ethicon Physiomesh have filed lawsuits against Ethicon and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson. The lawsuits seek money damages for the medical costs, as well as pain and suffering, that the patients claim were caused by use of the… Read More »

Plane crashes near freeway

Beech Crash Results in Loss of Four Lives

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

A recent crash outside of the Ogden-Hinckley Airport resulted in the deaths of all four persons on board the aircraft. The crash marks the seventh incident this year involving a Beech A36, and the third involving a fatality. Crash in freeway center median The crash occurred in Riverdale, Utah on July 26, 2017. Two… Read More »

Intersection Car Accidents

Intersection Accidents a Common Occurrence

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

Intersections are one of the most dangerous portions of any drive. Among the most common forms of car accidents, collisions at intersections are also among the types of accidents most likely to cause injuries to vehicle occupants. Read more about intersection crashes below, and contact a California car accident lawyer if you’ve been hurt… Read More »

The image of camera on dashboard of car

Dash Cams Could Support Car Accident Claims

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

Motor vehicle accidents can be confusing and disorienting, resulting in neither driver having a perfect understanding of what caused a crash. If you’re certain that you weren’t at fault in an automobile accident, but the other driver is equally confident in asserting that they weren’t at fault, figuring out who’s really at fault can… Read More »

Bottle of Pills

Juries Return Verdicts in First Two Bellwether Trials for Xarelto Victims

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

The Xarelto litigation is now well underway, with two of four bellwether trials so far concluded. On May 3, a Louisiana federal jury returned a verdict in favor of the defense in the case titled Boudreaux vs Bayer et al. The second bellwether also resulted in a loss for the plaintiff when, on June… Read More »

Plane lands on freeway.jpg.crdownload

Small Aircraft Lands on 405 Freeway

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

In a dramatic airplane crash that shut down the I-405 freeway, a small aircraft dropped from the sky near the John Wayne Airport on Friday, June 30, 2017. The small twin-engine Cessna 310 was carrying two people when it took off from John Wayne Airport in Costa Mesa, California at about 9:30 am. Shortly… Read More »

defective product sign

Report Finds More Recalls of Children’s Products, and More Associated Injuries, in 2016

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

Parents should be able to trust that the products they buy for their children, whether strollers, toys, or furniture, will be safe for use by and for children. Manufacturers don’t always take seriously their duty to ensure that products are safe before bringing them to market, however. According to a report produced by the… Read More »

The insurance claim form

How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

After a major motor vehicle accident, there are countless expenses that quickly stack up, placing a heavy burden on your family’s finances. You may be missing work due to your injuries, paying a large number of copays for doctor’s visits, or purchasing expensive medical equipment. You may be worrying about how you’ll cover these… Read More »

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