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Peter T. Cathcart Cases of Note

Commercial (Major) Accidents:

Lear Jet LR-60 Columbia, South Carolina
The captain, first officer and two passengers were killed while two other passengers were seriously injured when the jet suffered multiple tire failures during the take-off roll and overran the runway. A defect in the Lear Jet’s design of the thrust reverse system resulted in an uncommanded forward thrust that increased the severity of the accident.

Euro Copter EC-135 LaCrosse, Wisconsin
An emergency medical service (EMS) helicopter struck a ridge line on a return flight to the University of Wisconsin at night in marginal weather conditions. The pilot had not been certified to fly IFR and the aircraft had not been equipped with a Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) not night vision goggles.

Cirrus SR-20 Manhattan, New York
The two pilots on board were killed when this aircraft crashed into an apartment building while turning over the East River.

Cessna Citation 560 Carlsbad, California
This aircraft struck the localizer antenna platform after an aborted landing at McClellan-Palomar Airport. The captain who had concealed a history of diabetes attempted to land downwind at a higher than normal air speed touching down 1,500 feet further down the runway than normal.

American Airlines Airbus A-300 Belle Harbor New York
After takeoff from JFK International Airport, the aircraft’s vertical stabilizer and rudder separated in-flight after which the airplane’s engines separated in-flight. All 260 people on board the aircraft as well as 5 people on the ground were killed.

Singapore Airlines 747-400 Taipei, Taiwan
In heavy rain and strong winds from a typhoon, this aircraft entered a closed runway at Chiang-Kai Shek Airport. During the takeoff roll, the aircraft struck construction equipment resulting in a post-impact fire. Eighty-three (83) persons, including four (4) cabin crew memebers died while forty-four (44) people were injured.

Southwest Airlines M737 Burbank, California
After a steep and fast approach, aircraft overran end of runway, went through a perimeter fence and across a highway. Many of the 137 passengers and 5 crew members were injured.

Alaska Airlines MD-83 Near Point Mugu, California
After reporting mechanical trouble, the aircraft crashed into the Pacific Ocean causing the death of 83 passengers and 5 crew members. The pilots lost control of the aircraft when the horizontal stabilizer trim jackscrew assembly failed in-flight. This failure was caused by excessive wear resulting from Alaska Airlines’ insufficient lubrication fo the jackscrew assembly.

Egypt Air 767 Nantucket, Massachusetts
203 passengers, 4 flight crew members and 10 flight attendants were all killed when this aircraft impacted the Atlantic Ocean approximately 60 miles south of Nantucket, Massachusetts. The Relief First Officer flew the aircraft into the water. Suicide was suspected.

Swiss Air MD-II Halifax, Nova Scotia
An in-flight fire erupted close to the cockpit and spread rapidly due to flammable materials used in the aircraft’s structure. Fire and smoke incapacitated the cockpit crew resulting in a loss of control and crash of the aircraft into the Atlantic Ocean killing all 229 onboard.

Korean Airlines 747 Agana, Guam
This aircraft struck Nimitz Hill 3-1/2 miles short of the runway due to the captain’s failure to properly execute the approach combined with the FAA’s intentional inhibition of the Minimum Safe Altitude Warning system (MSAW).

American Airlines 757 Cali, Columbia
This aircraft crashed into a mountain at night while descending to the airport.

USAir DC-9 Charlotte, North Carolina
This air craft crashed on approach during heavy rain and wind sheer.

China Eastern Airlines MD-II Aleutian Islands
The flight crew accidentally activated the leading edge slats causing the aircraft to purpose violently.

USAir 737 Sky West Los Angeles, California
Air traffic control cleared the USAir 737 to land although the Sky West Metroliner was in position for take-off.

United Airlines DC-10 Sioux City, Iowa
This aircraft crashed upon landing after an engine failure damaged the hydraulic systems

Aero Peru DC-9 Lima, Peru
This aircraft crashed on take-off causing several injuries.

Pan American 747 Karachi, Pakistan
This aircraft was hijacked by Abu-Nidal members at the airport.

Aero Mexico DC-9 Cerritos, California
This aircraft collided with a single-engine Piper in controlled airspace.

General Aviation:

Bosveld v. Ostrove
Crash of Cessna 1977 on approach to Santa Monica Airport due to fuel exhaustion.

Holm v. Bergman
Crash of a Piper PA-28 Cherokee near Bangor, CA in instrument meteorological conditions.

Meyer v. Air Desert Pacific
Crash of a Piper PA-28 into the San Bernardino mountains.

Tomigashi v. Matsumoto
Crash of Beech C-23 after take-off into an apartment building in Torrance, CA

Vail v. Bottazzi
Crash of Cessna 210 into mountains near Corona, CA in instrument meteorological conditions.

Grimm v. Air Desert Pacific
Mid-air involving aerial photography flight over banning, CA

Mosely v. Devries
Beech A-36 sustained loss of engine power during air race at Mesquite, NV.

Scully v. Edison
A-Star helicopter struck power lines near Gorman, CA killing both occupants including the son of Los Angeles Dodger broadcaster, Vin Scully.

Down v. Perris Valley
Twin Otter skydiving flight crashed after take-off at Perris, CA.

Dicus v. USA
Aircraft crashed while on an instrument approach to Camarillo Airport in instrument meteorological conditions killing all board.

Perry v. USA
Mid-air collision near Stockton, CA although air traffic control was providing flight-following to pilots.

Kreisler v. California Wings
This single- engine aircraft crashed while reporting on a traffic accident in San Diego, CA

Eisleben v. Ratliff
Crash of Cessna aircraft upon landing at Brown Field, San Diego, CA in instrument meteorological conditions.

Nelson v. Martin Aviation Singer Ricky Nelson’s aircraft suffered an in-flight fire in DeKalb, TX.

Other Cases of Note:

Read v. Major Family Daycare
One-year old child suffered brain damage when violently shaken by a licensed daycare provider.

Ramirez v. Wilcox Memorial Hospital
Plaintiff’s husband died from exsanguinations due to defendant doctor’s failure to operate on bleeding ulcer.

Crosby v. HCL
The Estate on Dixie Crosby (First wife of Bing Crosby) sued to recover record royalties wrongfully held by the defendants.

Choi v. Mandarin House Restaurant
Three-year old child suffered third degree burns across torso when hot tea spilled from teapot on restaurant lazy susan.

Gudea v. Kimberly-Clark
A Wife and mother of two died from complications of toxic shock syndrome from tampon use.

Slotnick v. Jogani
Northridge Meadows apartment building collapsed during January 7.1 earthquake from many tenants.

Williams v. County of L.A.
A two-year old child suffered extensive third degree burns when scalded in a bathtub by a licensed daycare provider.

Mirsadeghi v. Western Equipment
U.S.C. chemist suffered significant third degree burns after flask exploded and emergency deluge shower failed.

Brown v. Baldi Bros.
Employee of Barbara Sinatra Children Center Suffered chronic respiratory complications from fiberglass inhalation.

Warner v. George
Six-month old infant suffered third degree burns on scalp and face when apartment heater ignited fire engulfing child in his day bed.

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