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Two Recent San Diego Aviation Accidents Injure Five

Airplane lands on the trees

Incidents involving two separate small aircraft in regional airfields in San Diego have resulted in injuries to five individuals. Weather conditions and engine malfunction have been blamed for the incidents.

Engine fails on attempted descent

One incident occurred during a flight instruction on touch-and-go landings. The flight occurred on September 17, 2017, departing from Gillespie Field Airport in El Cajon, California. A certified flight instructor and pilot rated passenger were conducting their third touch-and-go landing of the afternoon using a Piper PA 28-161. The pilot, beginning to descend, reduced power to the engine. When he attempted to increase power, the engine continued idling and failed to respond. Both of the plane’s occupants attempted to move the throttle, but the engine did not respond. The pilot chose to land the plane on a road nearby, and collided with powerlines and a tree prior to crashing into the road. Both men received minor injuries. The NTSB is continuing to investigate the incident.

Dense fog obscures runway for landing plane

A second crash occurred on September 27, 2017. Three men were on board a Cessna 182P aircraft, attempting to fly into Brown Field Municipal Airport in Otay Mesa. The aircraft had departed from Los Angeles. The plane was cleared to land at Brown Field at approximately 2:45 am. As the pilot made his descent, he reported that a dense fog rolled in, robbing him of visibility. The pilot, Philip Lojas, explained, “We saw the lights, we saw the airport but suddenly (we were in) heavy fog. We just lost control. … It happened so fast.” The three men on the plane reported that the plane flipped twice before coming to rest upside down in a field near the airport. The pilot kicked out a window to escape the plane. The three men ran from the plane, fearing that the aircraft would burst into flame. The men walked 15 minutes to the airport to report the incident. All three men escaped the crash with minor injuries.

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