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Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney After a Serious Accident


Getting seriously hurt either in the course of performing your job, or from someone else’s negligence, can seriously interfere with your ability to do your job, help care for your family—even take care of yourself. It may seem like you can’t afford to hire a lawyer after an accident. However, if you’ve experienced a substantial injury and are owed compensation from another person or business responsible for your injury, the best way to help ensure you’re paid everything you’re owed is to secure an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you. With a contingency fee arrangement, you can get top-quality legal representation without having to spend any money up-front, and you are only charged a legal fee if your case is successful.

The law firm of Magaña, Cathcart & McCarthy has been representing the interests of negligence victims for over 60 years. Allow our experienced attorneys to handle your claims against the parties who wronged you, so that you can focus on getting your life back together after an accident.

Hold negligent parties responsible

While you may not realize it, you hold a legal duty to act in certain ways toward others, and they hold duties toward you. For example, when you’re a customer on property owned by a business, they owe you a duty to keep their premises safe and free from hazards. If they fail to uphold that duty in a way that causes you injury—such as by failing to clean up hard-to-see liquid spills—and you are injured as a result, then they may be required to pay you for the costs of your injury and care as a result. Likewise, if another driver fails to uphold their duty to drive safely and attentively, and you get in a wreck, that driver should compensate you for damages to your body and property. Hold these negligent parties responsible, and seek what you’re owed for your damages after an accident.

The attorneys at Magaña, Cathcart & McCarthy have been successful in representing plaintiffs in all manner of personal injury claims, including:

Insurers have the average individual outgunned

Insurance companies negotiate and settle hundreds of claims like yours every day. They know you’re eager to get an unpleasant event behind you and are likely short on funds to cover the expenses that are mounting after your accident. While you’re just one person attempting to seek the money you know you’re owed for your injuries, they’ve got dozens of experienced adjusters and attorneys on their side, motivated to pay you as little as possible for your claims. Make sure that the playing field is level by securing the assistance of a knowledgeable and determined Los Angeles personal injury attorney to represent you before an insurance company.

If you’ve been hurt in or around the Los Angeles area, make sure you’re paid what you’re owed for your medical expenses and pain and suffering. Contact Magaña, Cathcart & McCarthy for a free consultation on your possible personal injury lawsuit by calling 310-553-6630.

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