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General Aviation Safety

Is General Aviation Safe or Not?

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

General aviation, consisting of small private planes, helicopters, gliders, corporate jets and other similar aircraft, make up the biggest component of air traffic overall. While large commercial airliners make the biggest headlines when there is a crash, thousands of accidents and incidents with general aviation craft occur every year, and many go unnoticed outside… Read More »

Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Computer Failure

Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Shut Down Due to Computer Failure

By Magaña Cathcart McCarthy |

A U-2 spy plane flying over Los Angeles airspace last week confused the computers responsible for primary air traffic control in the region, requiring the system to be shut down. The problem occurred because the U-2 flies under Visual Flight Rules at 60,000 feet, while most aircraft fly under Instrument Flight Rules above 18,000… Read More »

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