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Rainstorm Causes Enormous Surge in Accidents


A recent storm in the Los Angeles area caused a huge surge in accidents on the region’s roads and freeways. As Southern California enters its rainy season (such as it is), read on to learn about how to drive defensively in wet weather.

The storm that recently hit Los Angeles brought between ½ and 1 ¼ inches of rain across the LA area. While this might not sound like much on paper, it disrupted traffic across the county. According to the California Highway Patrol, there were 201 accidents on Los Angeles County freeways which were reported to law enforcement during the latest rainstorm. This constitutes a 570% increase in freeway collisions from the same weekend in 2015. While the effects of La Niña could lessen the amount of rain that Angelenos should expect to receive this winter, some meteorologists say that the weak evidentiary link between La Niña and rainfall mean that our winter might be wet, after all.

Here are a few ways to stay safe on the road during a rainstorm:

*Use your headlights: You may not know this, but under California law, drivers are required to turn on their headlights whenever they have their windshield wipers on continuously. They’ll help you see and be seen on wet roads.

*Make sure your tires and windshield wipers are safe to use: If you haven’t checked your tire’s treads or pressure in a while, do so now. Tires with low tread or pressure will have a harder time not slipping around on wet roads. Replace windshield wipers that have become cracked after sitting in the warm summer sun.

*Keep a safe distance between other cars, and watch carefully: Cars take longer to come to a stop during a rainstorm. Since Los Angeles drivers are notoriously bad at coping with wet roads, it can be difficult to predict what the driver in front of you will do. Keep extra distance between you and the car in front of you to offer you enough time to stop in case the driver in front of you brakes abruptly. Stay vigilant on the road, and avoid distractions more than ever during wet weather.

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